Gig Review: HAZ-FEST 2 – The Second Coming

Free pizza to the first forty people through the door? No, this isn’t some lame ass Domino’s-sponsored Freshers Fair at your local university — this is HAZ-FEST 2: The Second Coming. Hosted by the rockin’ dudes over at Pizza Cru, this year’s festivities were held at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston, and featured the wicked talents of Juno Kids, Fuzzwalker, The Shantics, and surf-punk headliners Chasing … Continue reading Gig Review: HAZ-FEST 2 – The Second Coming

New Music: (Sandy) Alex G – ‘Proud’

(Sandy) Alex G has just released ‘Proud’ the 3rd single from upcoming album Rocket. Last month, we were graced with news of a new album from lo-fi hero (Sandy) Alex G alongside two singles. The two singles he released were extremely varied with one being an alt-country ballad and the other an electric experimental piece, so we had no idea what to expect from the … Continue reading New Music: (Sandy) Alex G – ‘Proud’

New Music: Marika Hackman – ‘My Lover Cindy’

Ever since Marika Hackman dropped ‘Boyfriend‘ back in February, I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Though myself, along with what I can only imagine to be every other fan of new music, kept asking the same question — “would Marika and The Big Moon actually team up to make an entire album together?” I think we all thought it was too good to be … Continue reading New Music: Marika Hackman – ‘My Lover Cindy’

Top Picks for March 2017 – Spotify Playlist

Now, you may have noticed that the blog is slowing down a bit, but let me tell ya — things for Hazy Dog are not slowing in the slightest. As much as we love blogging about the gnarliest tunes to sweep the new music world off their feet, we also love releasing that sort of stuff too. Which is handy ’cause, you know, we’re a … Continue reading Top Picks for March 2017 – Spotify Playlist

Album Review: Real Estate – In Mind

Real Estate is the music industry’s equivalent of ‘Ol’ Reliable’. No other band reaches such high levels of consistent quality without changing their sound at all, but somehow this band get away with it. I suppose everyone’s a sucker for jingle-jangle guitar pop that sounds like hot weather. However, In Mind, their fourth studio album, promotes an unprecedented shift: lead guitarist Matt Mondanile, the sole … Continue reading Album Review: Real Estate – In Mind

EP Review: Steve Lacy – Steve Lacy’s Demo

17-Year-old Steve Lacy is destined for big things with his debut solo project Steve Lacy’s Demo, with each track bringing something new and showing the range he has a musician. At only 17 he has had a successful start in music, featuring on a Kali Uchis track alongside Vince Staples and produced by KAYTRANADA. His dreamy baselines and woozy guitar riffs work perfectly with his … Continue reading EP Review: Steve Lacy – Steve Lacy’s Demo

EP Review: Sam Skinner – Danny Through Junior

Recently Pinegrove have been on everyone’s radar with their debut album Cardinal hitting a plethora of album of 2016 lists. The band have already proved themselves to be harbouring vast amounts of talent – containing Evan Stephens Hall whose heart felt lyricism made Cardinal the gem that it is, and Nandi Rose Plunkett whose synth pop project Half Waif have just finished an extensive European … Continue reading EP Review: Sam Skinner – Danny Through Junior

New Music: Thurston Moore – Cease Fire

Thurston Moore‘s latest release, ‘Cease Fire’, is a welcome return to the raw sound that defined his early career with Sonic Youth. The song harks back to their astounding debut studio album Confusion Is Sex with solid rhythmic desperation running through the entire track. But with all the hope and beauty that astoundingly-clean production gives, the song is most definitely the product of a musician … Continue reading New Music: Thurston Moore – Cease Fire

New Music: Alt-J -3WW

After some peace and quiet, Alt-J are back to bask in their astronomical fame with the announcement of their third studio album, Relaxer. At its side is lead single ‘3WW’: a warm, quiet and comfortable interpretation of the band’s formula. One of the more bizarre success stories of pop music this decade, Alt-J’s curious combination of folk and electronica has been a refreshingly experimental addition … Continue reading New Music: Alt-J -3WW